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Geo-membrane Lined Steel Cisterns

by Rainwater Connection






These steel tanks have been used for water storage for over 40 years in other parts of the world. The tank is made up of 12, 16, and 18 gauge steel and coated with a hot dip zinc coating. (2 ounces per square foot). Each sheet is pre-bent by the manufacturer, stenciled with the producer’s name and sheet thickness, and made to our specifications. Each tank design has been "stamped" by a BC Structural Engineer. The galvanized finish should have a lifetime of up to 50 years.






These tanks can be installed on evenly compacted soil or sand that has been uniformly compacted to 60 lbs per square inch.

The XR-3PW8130 polyester geo-membrane liner (30mil) is a versatile alloy with a potable water rating of NSF 61, is bag shaped, and forms the bottom of the cistern. The prefabricated (factory welded) liner was manufactured to the specifications of the Rainwater Connection. The top reinforced hem of the liner is bolted to the top of the metal wall panels, and can be removed for repair or replacement without affecting the structural integrity of the tank. The tank liner material is strong and flexible which suits it to the varying water pressures as the tank fills and empties. The liner has excellent cold temperature properties, extended chemical resistance and outstanding long term resistance to UV radiation.






The cistern roof is a honeycombed wood structure with a 24 gauge enamel metal roof designed to withstand local snow loads. The roof is equipped with a 30 inch by 22 inch hinged access hatch with a safety hasp and padlock. The roof overhang detail allows for screened venting around the perimeter of the tank.






2013 Prices Available Soon.

 Tank Dimensions Capacity (Imp. Gal.) Cost 
14'7" x 8' high   8,320
17'6" x 8' high  11,980 
20'5" x 8' high  16,310 
20'5" x 10' high  20,390 


  • GST will be charged on labour.
  • PST is included in cost of materials.
  • Listed prices are an estimate only. The cost of each tanks is quoted separately to reflect location and the accessibility of the site for installation.
  • Prices subject to change based on altering material costs.

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