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Mary Ann Road, Galiano Island

Mary Ann House

Potable water supply 100% rainwater & Emergency Cross Connection to well water

This rainwater catchment system was designed for a home and B&B on Galiano Island, BC. The well water has extremely high levels of iron, magnesium, sulfur and salt, making it unusable. A seawater desalination system was considered as the capital costs are similar to a rainwater catchment system, but has a much higher operation/maintenance cost. The owners had a preference for natural vs. technical solutions as well as a large roof catchment area.

15,000 Gallon Cistern

15,000 gallon cistern

System Features

  • 50% ashphalt shingle & 50% flat torch-on roofing, 2,500 sq ft roof area, thus water quality challenge
  • Small leaf traps & sealed standpipes to carry water under deck
  • Catchment/transport pipe under decks incorporate debris pigtails & clean-out plugs
  • First flush diverter rejects first flush of water over 3/4 mm (0.05 inch)
  • Water pumped 400 ft (60 vert. ft) in shallow trench (winter drain back prevents freeze-up)
  • Stored in 15,000 gallon cistern, 17'6" diameter x 10 ft tall (shown at left)
  • Uses gravity flow from cistern to BioSand filter& 600 gallon day tank
  • Electronics to control flows, protect pumps & limit amount of well water supply
  • BioSand, particle filter and ultraviolet light disinfection system
Self-cleaning Leaf Trap

Self-cleaning Leaf Trap

Pipe debris traps under deck

Pipe debris traps under deck

BioSand treatment system

BioSand treatment system &
pressure tank


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