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Who is The Rainwater Connection?


Bob Burgess - In 2001, Bob Burgess put his 30 years experience in Community Planning and Housing consulting, and residential/commercial development into a new company he named Rainwater Connection. Bob and his partner Jean shared a vision to form a company that would address water conservation and sustainable water applications and practices. Today the company provides design, installation, consulting, and engineered solutions for potable and outdoor rainwater harvesting systems. Our clients are homeowners, residential and commercial developers, architects and local governments.


Bob’s concern with collecting clean rainwater has led to the testing of rainwater products from all over the world and company development of products specifically manufactured for the West Coast environment. His 'water barn' building provides a rigorous testing site.


As a strong advocate of water conservation and management, Bob actively promotes the use of rainwater as a sustainable resource; with public presentations, seminars and workshops. He has worked on feasibility studies for the GVRD and the Islands Trust, and demonstrations projects in Vancouver, Tofino and Salt Spring Island. He recently wrote the Rainwater Harvesting Guide for the Regional District of Nanaimo.


Bob's love of water started in childhood days, as he watched water move in streams and ponds, and played in mud puddles. He still loves the sound water makes; the sound of rain falling on the roof, swooshing through the pipes and running into the tanks. Capturing and storing the rain, and using it thoughtfully is very satisfying to Bob and Jean. Their home and office run entirely on rainwater.

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John Peirce

John Peirce - John is a Professional Geoscientist living and farming on Gabriola Island. His professional interest is optimizing the water resources of the Gulf Islands. He represents Rainwater Connection on Gabriola and supports Bob as needed on other design /build work, John has degrees in Earth Science and Marine Geophysics and was a qualified nuclear engineer on submarines in the US Navy in an earlier life. He taught geology and geophysics at Dalhousie University and worked in the oil patch for 30 years and continues to do some consulting.


He is also a member of the Board of the Gabriola Land and Trails Trust, the Gabriola Island Chamber of Commerce and the Nanaimo Carshare Cooperative.


John has a large catchment system designed by Rainwater Connection on his property on Gabriola that uses a winter spring, rainwater collection and two wells with 22,000 Imp. gallons of storage to supply his household and irrigation needs. For people wanting to see various parts of the rainwater harvesting system in action, his is a good place to visit. His goal in designing rainwater systems is to match the water assets of each property, with the use profile of the owners, at the most reasonable cost.


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